You Can Add Unlimited Income With Just a PC, MAC or Tablet, A Phone, and a Reliable Internet Connection!

With iPaymentbooks and our Payment Books Distributor business model, it is now possible for you to generate additional cash and operate a profitable, home-based business. No special skills are required. All you need is the desire to make additional income, a few hours to devote to your business, and a very modest investment..

We have created a complete, proven turn-key business model which you can easily add to your existing business model, or implement as a separate revenue source.

This business is easy to get started, and simple to operate. And makes it possible for anyone to generate cash flow and own a profitable, home-based business.

You receive:

  • A license to sell and distribute our popular payment book products
  • Consistent customer care and service
  • A generous compensation plan
  • A proven business model to follow
  • Your own business/distributor page on our website
  • Marketing assistance and advice

The initial fees are reasonable, and there are no royalties or franchise fees.  Our licensees are never asked to recruit their friends and relatives. This is not a multi-level business.

If you are interested in the freedom and independence you can achieve through owning your own business, please consider what iPaymentBooks has to offer you and contact us today.

An Affordable Business

Annual distributor fee:                         $250
Inventory: $ 0.00
Advertising fees $0.00
Royalties:                                        $0.00
Other fees:                                      $0.00

Our Commitment

  • Provide quality products, service and support based on our twenty-five years experience in this business.
  • Insure the success of our licensees by assisting them in achieving their goals. 
  • Support our belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to control their financial future.